"There's a little of every artist in their work".
-Ana Stelline

Dr. Ana Stelline is a character first introduced in Blade Runner 2049. Stelline is a subcontractor under the Wallace Corporation headed by Niander Wallace, working as a memory designer at an "upgrade center" named "Stelline Laboratories". Although enamored with her work, Stelline is confined within an isolated dome, only visible through a visitor window; due to a "compromised immune system", meaning that if she were to leave her "cage" she would die and the sole reason she is not off-world. Her parents had put her there, but gave her enough to make her happy.

Inside the dome, Stelline could use a "memory orb" device (structurally similar to a camera lens) to construct replicant memories to structure personalities. She manipulated these via holograms that she could interact with, and would presumably ship them off to Wallace. She claims to love birthday parties, often creating memories based on them.

Following an investigation conducted by LAPD Officer K, it is discovered that a child was born from a Nexus replicant model in the year 2021. As the events of Blade Runner 2049 unfold, Officer K discovers that Stelline is, in fact, the first replicant-born child. It is also revealed that Stelline is the child of former Blade Runner and LAPD officer, Rick Deckard, and the prototype replicant Rachael, who left Los Angeles in the year 2019.

Stelline is reunited with her father when she is interacting with a snowfall hologram. She doesn't recognise him, but Deckard affectionately places his open hand on the window.


She always wears white dresses and goes around barefoot.


She appears to be cheerful, good-natured, and probably a little eccentric, given her penchant for going barefoot and her habit of working on holograms while talking to people.