An artificial snake examined by Rick Deckard

An Animoid refers to a synthetic organism that were designed and created to mirror animals in both behavior and habitat.


History and Background

Several years after the fallout resulting from "World War Terminus" decimated much of Earth. In the aftermath, the United Nations encourages people to emigrate to Off-world colonies to preserve the human race from the effects of the radioactive dust. One incentive is that each emigrating family will receive a custom-built android/replicant servant.

Animoids were developed for use as pets and beasts of burden after most real animals became extinct. Due to the rarity of owning a real organic animal, the budget for purchasing an animoid is extremely expensive and usually only the wealthy could afford to purchase them.

Effects on Social Status and Wealth

All animals are endangered. Owning and caring for an animal is considered a civic virtue and a status symbol, depending on the rarity of the species. Owning an animoid offers the same status symbol and gives the owner a better social standing as if they were to own a live animal.

However, due to real animals being either extinct or endangered, animoids of rare or extinct animals are created in priority and usually asks for a high price such as Owls.

Major corporations, like the Tyrell Corporation, own animoids due to the rarity of certain animals.