Clovis is the leader of a group of renegade replicants in Blade Runner (video game). Highly intelligent and eloquent, he is also extremely ruthless, unpredictable and at times, capable of extreme acts of aggression. He also love to read poetry and the love interests of Dektora.


Clovis is the main antagonist of the video game. His sidekick Sadik help his plan to kill the animals of Runciter's shop, eliminate the main scientists of the Tyrell Corporation, explose a moonbus and kill Governor Kolvig too. Clovis is wounded by Tyrell's security when he try to escape from the Headquarter. Their goal to evade retirement and exit Earth on a moonbus. But one version Ray McCoy find them and retired him, the other version is killed by Eduardo Gaff. In the third version Ray join him and they escape the Earth in the moonbus.