"There’s a beautiful little thing in here called the magic and it ain’t ever been wrong. You develop it, you’ve got a brilliant career ahead of you." - Crystal Steele

Crystal Steele is a veteran Blade Runner of the LAPD introduced and featured in Blade Runner (video game).


She is a colleague of Blade Runner Ray McCoy; she is a sassy, witty female detective who works alongside McCoy within the Blade Runner unit. She is very much in favor of replicant extermination and appears at various stages in the game depending on the player's actions. She is an excellent marksman, scoring an almost perfect score on the LAPD's gun range. She displays a minor attraction to McCoy, as well as considerable disrespect and condescension. She always calls McCoy "Slim". Her fate in the game is ultimately tied to the player's actions; she can either die (killed by the player or in an explosion set up by Sadik) or survive and pair up with McCoy as he gains the rank of "full Blade Runner" following the retirement of Clovis, the rogue replicants' leader, in the Moonbus. She wears a pair of black shades and loves to smoke Lucky Strike where she sometimes left behind as a message of her presence. Her badge number is BR-61354.

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