Eduardo Gaff is a veteran Blade Runner that works with the LAPD  in the film. He is played by Edward James Olmos.


Gaff, a mysterious character in the film, presents his compulsory invitation to Rick Deckard in a street lingo called Cityspeak, (much of it invented by actor Edward James Olmos, parts of it are also in Hungarian) which Deckard pretends not to understand.

We learn quickly that Gaff is very different from Deckard and behaves quite differently. He makes subtle observations about Deckard, sometimes by making little origami figures, and sometimes through his unfriendly comments. 

In Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human, Gaff dies while on an assignment. Bryant attends his funeral and displays some distaste towards the epitaph written in Cityspeak on Gaff's grave. 

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