Eduardo Gaff is a veteran Blade Runner working for the LAPD, alongside Rick Deckard, Holden, and Captain Bryant in 2019.

He is introduced in Blade Runner, but also features in Blade Runner Blackout 2022 and makes a cameo in Blade Runner 2049.


Events of 2019

Arresting Deckard

Gaff presents his compulsory invitation to former Blade Runner Rick Deckard in a street lingo called Cityspeak, a combination of Hungarian, Japanese, German and other languages, which Deckard pretends not to understand.

Gaff arrested Deckard, telling him Captain Bryant wished to speak with him. Upon hearing this, Deckard reluctantly joined Gaff on a flight in his spinner to the LAPD

Bryant's Office

Upon arrival at the LAPD, Deckard and Gaff take a seat in Bryant's office. Deckard learns of the escaped replicants and his job to retire them before word is out that there are replicants on Earth. Gaff, meanwhile, constructs an origami chicken.

Investigating Leon's Apartment

After leaving the Tyrell Corporation and introducing Deckard to Rachael, Gaff and Deckard head to Leon's apartment at 117 Hunterwasser to investigate his whereabouts. While Deckard explores the bathroom and finds several scales (belonging to Zhora), Gaff creates more origami. This time, he makes a man with an erection.

Cleaning Up

Gaff meets Deckard shortly after his final fight with Roy Batty, complimenting him on a job well-done. He mockingly notes, referring to Rachael, "It's too bad she won't live, but then again, who does?" Later, while Deckard retrieves Rachael from his apartment and they make their escape, he notices one of Gaff's origami creations outside his apartment, that of a unicorn like the one in Deckard's dreams. After recalling Gaff's enigmatic final words, Deckard leaves.

Events of 2049

Thirty years after Deckard's disappearance, Gaff had retired and was living in a care facility. Officer K met him during his investigation into the whereabouts of Deckard and Rachael's child, where the two talked about Deckard. Enigmatic as always, Gaff remarked that he knew Deckard was not long for this world because of "something in his eyes." Gaff remarks that Deckard probably got to be alone, implying that is what he wanted. Gaff places an origami sheep on the table in front of K.


During the events of both films, Gaff leaves several origami representing different animals. Each has it's own meaning, and there are many interpretations:

Origami Location/Event Interpretation
Chicken Gaff leaves a chicken on Captain Bryant's desk right as Deckard is about to refuse Bryant's demand that he return as a Blade Runner. Calling into question Deckard's courage, implying he is running away from his fears instead of facing them.
Man While investigating Leon's apartment, Gaff leaves a man with an erect penis on the dresser after Deckard finds the scale in the bathtub. Deckard's impending romance with Rachael, what his mind is focused on.
Unicorn Before Deckard and Rachael flee LA, Deckard picks up an origami unicorn that Rachael nearly steps on in the hallway. The unreliability of memory; Gaff's knowledge of Deckard's true identity.
Sheep When K is wrapping up his interview with Gaff, the retired cop reveals a sheep he was making during their conversation. Implying K's status as another cog in the machine; nothing special, only following orders. Also a reference to the source novel.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and its' Sequels

In Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human, Gaff dies while on an assignment. Bryant attends his funeral and displays some distaste towards the epitaph written in Cityspeak on Gaff's grave.


  • Actor Edward James Olmos mostly created the city-speak on his own, using a variety of his own extensive language experience.