The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is a law enforcement agency located in the city of Los Angeles, California. It patrols and performs operations all throughout the City of Los Angeles. The LAPD is also known for hiring and housing Blade Runners.



The LAPD has a standard system of operations as it aims to protect the city, and sometimes the world, from both domestic and galactic threats. Officers patrol and surveillance the entire city constantly every day to ensure city rules and regulations are followed as well as the citizens are secure. Officer use personalized Spinners to hover around the city grounds in search of potential threats or strange activities. If there is sign of conflict or suspicion, PADS officers will immediately investigate.

The LAPD rarely becomes involved with Off-world affairs due to how they are handled by federal organizations. However, sometimes LAPD officers and chiefs believe they can act above the law and take matters into their own hands to accomplish missions and tasks.

Blade Runner Division

The LAPD notably houses and hires Blade Runners to retire defected or returning Replicants from Off-world Colonies. Blade Runners that work for the LAPD operate differently than LAPD detectives or officers. Blade Runners for the LAPD work on an as-needed basis. When the LAPD receives word of a defected replicant, their hired Blade Runners are called in to track down the replicants and retire them as ordered.

Blade Runners at the LAPD field office do not have their own personal offices, probably for confidential purposes. Blade Runners answer to police chiefs and superior officers as they give orders to many other positions and hires within the LAPD.

Relations with Tyrell Corporation

Due to the overwhelming power of the Tyrell Corporation, the LAPD cooperates with the Tyrell Corporation under certain agreements with Corp chief, founder, and president, Eldon Tyrell. Replicants have been created by Tyrell to work for the LAPD, either as service offers or higher law enforcement officers (LEO).

Replicants that work for the LAPD have either been created to obey orders within the LAPD or have been given free choice for them to work for the LAPD voluntarily. Replicants that are given positions involving serving the law, are required to go through daily system scans and tests to ensure they too are not defective and are still aligned with humans.

If a replicant is suddenly defective within the LAPD, it may result in immediate retire or repair.

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