Luther and Lance The Siamese twins who works in a lab behind Dermo Design after getting fired by Dr. Tyrell. They begin their own business by selling bio-mechanical parts to an unknown party. Luther wears a pair of spectacles and has a blond hair while Lance has a dark hair with a bad looking face. Both of them wear a teal shirt and grey pants. They are introduced and featured in Blade Runner (video game).

Forced into hiding, McCoy explores the underbelly of LA and makes contact with the replicant twins Luther and Lance, former genetic designers for the Tyrell Corporation, who are now working to extend their own lifespans, as well as those of all other replicants. From them, McCoy can receive a detailed report containing evidence of Guzza's corruption if he is able to sneak into the Tyrell building and steal DNA information off of Eldon Tyrell's meeting room desk. Using this information, he blackmails Guzza and forces him to set his falsified record straight. The player can has choice that execute the twins or live them.