Luv was a Nexus-9 model Replicant. She was the right-hand woman of Niander Wallace.



Luv was created by Niander Wallace sometime after the replicant Blackout between 2035 and 2036. She was created to be a servant and enforcer for Wallace. Wallace considers Luv to be his "First Angel" and designed her to have enhanced physical strength and combat skills. Luv was a newer model replicant, causing her to be legal on Earth.

Working at Wallace Corporation with her CreatorEdit

After establishing the Wallace Corporation, Wallace appointed Luv to be his secretary at the corporation. She handled personal meetings with political figures, visitors, potential buyers and dealers interested in products from the corporation.

Luv admires Wallace and his vision for the future of replicants. She occasionally visits his quarters to learn more about his plans for reproducing replicants. She also reports all matters concerning buyers and possible threats that may arise and halt progression in reaching their goal.

Meeting with KEdit

In the summer of June 2049, Luv cancelled her meeting with a potential buyer due to a call from a worker at the front desk of the Wallace Corporation to assist a visitor to locate more data concerning a deceased replicant. Luv was sent by Wallace to steal Rachael's remains from LAPD headquarters and kills a technician in the process. She then follows K to find Rachael's child. Luv had controlled a missile drone which kills a group of people attacking K, while he was searching for the child.

Luv went back to the police station to ask about K and in the process kills Lt. Joshi. She discovers that K has gone to the ruins of Las Vegas, where K is meeting Deckard. After a short battle, she leaves K for dead and destroys Joi's emitter. Luv and her men kidnap Deckard and take him to Niander Wallace, where he presents the clone of Rachael to trigger emotional responses. Niander tells Deckard about their child and suggests Rachael's feelings for him were engineered by her creator, Dr. Eldon Tyrell, to test the possibility of a replicant becoming pregnant. Deckard refuses to cooperate with Wallace, even when promised a replicant recreation of Rachael. She kills Rachael's clone and escorts Deckard to one of Wallace's off-world outposts to be tortured for information. K intercepts them and damages their transport forcing them to turn around. But they crash into the beach. Luv orders them to open the door but K instantly kills the driver. She ducks and dodges his bullets. She fires back at him. After a splash makes K miss, luv lands a shot on him. She walks out of the ship to finish him. A fight ensues. She holds the upper hand for most of it. She stabs K and then gives him a kiss before jumping in the water. She swims back to the car as it sinks into the water. She goes over to Deckard to grab him and leave. But before she can K grabs her jackets hood and pulls her back. He grabs her by the neck and forces her against the ceiling and starts choking her. But as the water level rises Luv starts to push on Ks face. She starts drowning him. But he releases her and she drops. He quickly grabs her throat again. He holds her under the water and starts drowning her. She starts grabbing at Ks face. But she can not reach it and only grabs at his chin and lips. She struggles under the water trying to get free. K continues to hold her as she still continues to grab at his face. But she can’t free herself, K holds her under the water. K holds her under till she stops struggling, K drowned her. He then lets go of her neck and her body floats under the water.

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