Hey, do you know whats the name of the police officer and the man with hat who hijacjed mccoy and told that he is a replicant? Who killed by Crystal when she saved mccoy?? Thanks

Howie Lee is the chinese kitchen bar owner where zadik is the chef. The police officer who knocked mccoy possiby halloway or hanoi but i didnt understand it cos there is no subtitle. Who can be?

Do you know whats the name of the police officer who is on level 2 in lapd?

Do you know whats the name of the bartender who is in chinatown next to isabella the kingston kitchen?

Do you know who is the man who lives in the sewer?

I d like to make every characters from the game but i have names which i dont know who is it : holloway, sgt walls, Hasan, Rajit, Hanoi, and officer grayford

If you can help me i can help thos fandom :)

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