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  • Hello! I already posted this on the other admin's wall so I figured I should get your input as well.

    I'm looking to contribute more here, so I was wondering if you'd be open to some suggestions I have for the Wiki that I would be more than happy to start implementing, as I'm a huge fan of the films and the original novel.

    First, I think it would be beneficial to write articles from an in-universe point of view, with everything in past-tense, like how Wookieepedia does. For example: their article on Leia. All in past-tense, from an in-universe point of view, except for the 'behind the scenes' section. Since Blade Runner has a very detailed world, I think this could work really well. We do this over on the Twin Peaks Wiki I'm an admin of and I really enjoy writing articles this way.

    Second, I think we could also benefit by making separate articles for literary and film versions of the characters, since in some cases, they are drastically different, and we won't have to be accounting for more than one continuity timeline per article.

    So please let me know what you think! I look forward to hearing from you. :)

    EDIT: In my userspace, I have made a version of the Deckard article, implementing my suggestions, to show what I have in mind: User:Special Agent Dale Cooper/Deckard

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    • Hello.

      Apologies for the late response as I have been moving around shifts for work.

      Yes, what you suggest for both ideas sound great. I was actually trying to have them both done for a while to make it different for the novel-canon and film-canon as both are different in ways.

      So yes, both of those ideas are great and I appove of them. You can create and edit however you feel fit and if there is something I do not approve of, I'll surely inform you.

      Thank you for you message and welcome.


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    • Excellent - I'll get to work.

      Also, would it be appropriate of me to request bureaucrat rights here? This would allow me to implement these edits much more efficiently and I've had over two years' experience being an admin on a few fairly active Wikis.

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  • Hi Peazeract

    Can you delete the pages with Cyrillic writing. This pages are on Russian and has nothig to do with this wiki.

    This are the pages that must be deleted:

    249 000 руб. (This page offers electronic cigaretes).

    Архитектор Кирилл Гребенщиков установил необычный знак в Магнитогорске (This page spoke of some sign)

    This pages are all in category Spam and Delete

    Also I have a request can I become Admin/Bureaucrat?

    Many thanks

    Jedi Raven

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    • Hello Jedi

      Yes I have deleted that page.

      Thank you so much for notifying me concerning that page. That was odd.

      Yes I need more officers here for this wiki in order for this wiki to be the best source for all things Blade Runner. So I have given you Bureaucrat and Admin rights for this site due to your work and efforts here.

      Thank you again and I hope to hear from you again soon.

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    • Hi Peazeract

      Thank you and may you continue to do great work.

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    • A FANDOM user
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