Priscilla "Pris" Stratton (February 14, 2016 – November 2019) was the "basic pleasure model" (incepted on Valentine's Day), created for entertainment and thus even more of a slave-object than the others. However, she shows that she can be quite adept at manipulation of the human male as she uses her wiles to "make friends" with J.F. Sebastian/John R. Isidore, a man who until then, literally made his friends. Pris is also the girlfriend of fellow replicant Roy Batty.


Rick Deckard encounters Pris almost by accident at Sebastian's apartment while tracking Sebastian just after the inventor was murdered at Tyrell/Rosen's home. Just before Deckard arrives she has disguised herself as one of the myriad large toy dolls that J.F. has populated his home with. She attacks Deckard very viciously, using a fighting style combining both martial arts and acrobatics. Though she initially disarms him, Deckard recovers his sidearm and shoots her twice; the 1st shot stops a subsequent attack, whereupon she twitches spasmodically on the floor and screeches for several seconds; the 2nd shot finally kills her. Roy Batty arrives a few moments later and finding Pris "retired", kisses her on the lips, showing great sadness at the loss of his friend. He then begins his taunting final battle with Deckard.

In the Final Cut edition of the film, footage of Deckard shooting Pris a third time is included, perhaps initially edited out for violence in the original Theatrical and Director's Cut editions.