"I'm not in the business... I *am* the business." - Rachael

Rachael was an experimental Nexus-7 Replicant created by Eldon Tyrell.



Being the founder of the Tyrell Corporation, Eldon Tyrell had access to unfathomable wealth, power, and technology. In order to colonize and explore habitable areas for Off-world Colonies, the Tyrell Corporation manufactured Replicants. These replicants were just like humans, although often possessing superior strength and greater or equal intellect in comparison to their genetic designers. The Nexus-6 variety of Replicants up to 2019 possessed strength and intellect, but were not equipped to live longer than 4 years in an effort to curb rebellions and limit their danger (despite their effectiveness in colonization and hazardous labor).

Because of his status in society, Tyrell developed Rachael alongside these Nexus-6 models, although including significant differences. She was implanted with memories given by Tyrell's niece to better control her. Falling back on memories gave Rachael a sense of reality and purpose, evening out her emotions and testing to see the effectiveness of such an experiment for future Nexus models. Tyrell also gave her more than 4 years of life; the exact amount remaining unknown.

Rachael Mother

A photo of Tyrell's niece and her mother

Given that Rachael has implanted memories and was not told she was a replicant, she believes she was human. She continued to believe this until her encounter with Blade Runner Rick Deckard left her confused about who she really was.

Voight-Kampff Testing and Meeting Deckard


Rachael greets Deckard in the Tyrell meeting room

Shortly after the Nexus-6 group led by Roy Batty arrived on Earth, Blade Runner Rick Deckard is called out of retirement to hunt and retire them before they can threaten society.

Deckard is sent to the Tyrell Corporation by Harry Bryant to use the Voight-Kampff machine and test a Nexus-6 to better understand what he will be up against. Being aware that a Blade Runner is visiting the complex, Rachael enters the meeting room of the Tyrell Corporation Building and greets Deckard after commenting on how the Corporation's owl is artificial, as are most animals on Earth in 2019.

Rachael Voight-Kampff Test

Rachael lighting a cigarette while taking the Voight-Kampff Test

Rachael asked Deckard if he had ever retired a human by mistake. Deckard simply states that he hasn't, which results in Rachael questioning if it was always a risk that he would kill a human. However, the conversation is cut short when Tyrell entered the room and requested to see the Voight-Kampff Test on a human subject. Trying to convince Deckard that Rachael is human, Tyrell insisted that Rachael be used as the test.

After over 100 questions, Tyrell asks Rachael to leave him alone with Deckard. Deckard determines that Rachael is a replicant, to which Tyrell reveals that Rachael was implanted with memories to provide a cushion for her emotions. Tyrell also informs Deckard that Rachael is unaware of what she is.

Reconciling with Deckard

Rachael and Deckard in Apartment

Rachael trying to convince Deckard she is human

The next evening, Rachael leaves the corporation and goes to Deckard's apartment. Rachael enters the apartment elevator and sits hidden in the corner of the elevator and waits for Deckard to return. As Deckard enters the elevator and the elevator stops at the appropriate floor, Rachael reveals herself to Deckard.

Rachael walks with Deckard to his door while explaining how Tyrell will neither speak to her nor see her concerning her test. Deckard attempts to send Rachael away, however after entering his apartment room, he allows her to enter.

Rachael Cry

Rachael cries after realizing her memories are not her own

Rachael enters and shows a picture of what Rachael believes to be her mother and explains that she has memories of her childhood with her mother. Rachael wants to further explain but Deckard cuts her off to recall to her the memories of her childhood; informing her that he is only aware of her memories because they are imprinted.

Deckard explains to her that her memories are false due to its connections with Tyrell's niece. Shocked by the evidence found, Rachael begins to cry in silence. Deckard then tells her it was a "bad joke," and apologizes, but the damage is done. He offers her a drink, but as Deckard goes to get a glass, Rachael drops her photo and walks out of the apartment.

Saving Deckard

Rachael Saves Deckard

Rachael kills Leon to save Deckard

While Deckard is investigating Zhora at Taffey Lewis's bar, he calls Rachael by Vid Phone. Deckard asks for her to come to the bar to relax and spend time with him. Rachael declines, saying that "wasn't her type of place," and hangs up on him.

Later that evening, Rachael is out in the city (perhaps to meet Deckard at the bar after all) when she comes across Deckard being beaten to death by Leon. Rachael picks up Deckard's abandoned gun and shoots Leon in the head, moments before Leon is about to kill Deckard.

Deckard's Apartment

Rachael and Piano

Rachael remembering how to play piano

After saving Deckard's life, a very rattled Rachael goes back to Deckard's apartment to hide out. Rachael asked Deckard if he would still retire her if she was to leave Los Angeles. Deckard replies that he would not, but another Blade Runner probably would.

Drunk and exhausted from the night, Deckard lays down on his couch and falls asleep. Rachael sits down at Deckard's piano and lets down her hair. She begins to play a melody. The music wakes Deckard, who joins her at the piano. Rachael explains that she remembers taking piano lessons, but she is now unsure if the memories are hers, or implants from Tyrell's neice.

Rachael and Deckard Kiss Edited

Deckard forces Rachael to kiss him

Deckard compliments her playing, then leans in to kiss her. Uncomfortable with the gesture, Rachael withdraws, and tries to leave the apartment. Deckard becomes angry and violent, slamming the door shut so she can't leave and pushing her against the wall. As she cries, he orders her to tell him to kiss her. She does, and he kisses her forcefully. She eventually consents to let Deckard touch her, though it is clear she is emotionally distressed.

Leaving the Life Behind

Deckard Waking Rachael

Deckard wakes up Rachael before leaving

After the death of Roy Batty, Deckard returns to his apartment and cautiously enters when he sees the door is ajar. He finds Rachael alive and informs her that they must leave the city.

As they leave Deckard comes across an origami calling card (an origami figure of a unicorn) left by Gaff to show that he has been at the apartment while Rachael was asleep.

Rachael and Deckard Ending

Deckard and Rachael about to leave together

As Deckard examines the origami figure, he remembers Gaff's parting words to him: "it's too bad she won't live! But then again, who does?" After turning towards Rachael, both Deckard and Rachael depart toward an uncertain future together.

A Life with Deckard

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Months after leaving the city, Rachael and Deckard live together on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Rachael is kept within a Tyrell transport that slows down her aging process. Near the end of the novel, Sarah Tyrell, who is Eldon's niece and Rachael's template, brings her to Tyrell headquarters in order to meet with Deckard and allowed to flee. However, it is ultimately learned that Rachael is killed by Tyrell agents while Sarah and Deckard escape, allowing Sarah to reclaim her place as Tyrell's niece.