Robert Gorsky or Bullet Bob is the owner of Bullet Bob's Runner Surplus who once fought in a war before. He was called a psychopath for threatening Hassan in providing a short-lifespan iguana for her daughter in public. He also provides McCoy some upgrades to get his job well done. He has a long hair and has an eye-patch on his left eye.

He is a grizzled veteran of World War III (which appears to have been a pivotal event a decade or so prior to 2019). He mentions that he served for around three and a half years. He owns the gunshop across the street from Animoid Row, and appears to be suffering from some physical disabilities. He appears to despise replicants even more than Crystal, though when a Voight-Kampff test is administered his result is almost always inconclusive, though when he receives a positive result it is practically always human. Bob is the only character with whom tampering with the Voight-Kampff test can alter the result, allowing the player to decide whether he is human or replicant and therefore whether he can be killed by the player without any fear of repercussion.