Taffy Lewis is the owner of a club in Los Angeles . Deckard traces the replicant Zhora there during his investigation.

When Deckard arrives, he briefly questions Lewis. When Lewis is uncooperative, Deckard threatens him with an investigation of his permits to run the club. Lewis, becoming suddenly hospitable, tells his bartender to give Deckard a free drink.

Following a brief apologetic call to Rachel, Deckard sits down at the bar as Zhora, in disguise as a snake-charmer named "Ms. Salome", begins her show. Deckard bluffs his way into her dressing room after her act is finished. He applies a thinly veiled ruse which may have worked on replicants in the past, however, Zhora quickly assertains that he is a threat. After a few moments, she attacks him and escapes the club, with Deckard in pursuit.

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