Blade Runner Timeline

* FEB, 2005 - The Tyrell Corp. introduces the NEXUS-1 model Replicant, basically a standard robot form covered with genetically-engineered human flesh.

* JUNE, 2006 - NEXUS-2 is introduced. These are N-1's with a programmed personality.

* JULY,2008 - NEXUS-3 is introduced. These are physically the same as N-1's and N-2's, but their programming is highly advanced, including basic emotions. Also during this month the European Space Marine Corps was Established.


* FEB, 2010 - Harry Bryant hired by L.A.P.D.

* NOV, 2010 - "The Tannhauser Incident" A NEXUS-3 combat team stages a bloody mutiny against the Tannhauser Gate colony. The Tannhauser Gate was reclaimed by their enemy The European Union, who have held it ever since. The US Colonial Marine corps also fought along side the Europeans in the retaking of Tannhauser Gate from the replicants.

* JAN 3, 2011 - The United Nations declares Replicants illegal on Earth. U.N. orders all Replicants on Earth be taken off-world or destroyed within 28 days.

* JAN, 2011 - Blade Runner units formed. Harry Bryant among first chosen.

* FEB 1, 2011 - Blade Runner units go into action.

* APR, 2011 - Tyrell Corp. gets permission from the U. N. to introduce NEXUS-4 Replicants in the off-world colonies, IF some means can be devised for distinguishing them from human beings. To this end, the U.N. enlists the aid of the medical community.

* JUNE, 2011 - Dr. Johann Voight, a psychology professor, informs the U.N. that his 'Voight Empathy Scale For Diagnosing The Maladjusted Psyche'will suit their needs.

* JULY-SEPT, 2011 - The Voight Scale is tested in major cities around the world with a 75% success rate. This is enough to satisfy the U.N. requirement and the Tyrell Corp. is cleared to release the NEXUS-4. In a show of good faith, Tyrell even funds some of the research.

* DEC, 2011 - NEXUS-4 introduced for off-world use. These are highly-advanced, flesh-and-blood androids. They can only be confirmed as Replicants by psychological testing on the Voight Scale, or post-mortem examination (autopsy). Their emotions program has been removed as per U. N. orders after the Tanhauser Incident.

* AUG, 2013 - NEXUS-5 introduced. They are the same as N-4's but with mission-specific programming.

* SEPT, 2013 - Dave Holden hired by L.A.P.D.

* MAY, 2014 - Rick Deckard hired by L.A.P.D.

* SEPT, 2014 - Harry Bryant promoted to Chief Inspector of the Replicant Detection Division. (Blade Runners)

* OCT, 2014 - Dave Holden becomes Blade Runner.

* MAR, 2015 - Rick Deckard becomes Blade Runner.

* JAN, 2016 - Tyrell Corp. secretly introduces NEXUS-6 models to off-world colonies. Their programming is so advanced, the designers fear they may eventually develop their own emotions. They counter this by programming them with a four-year lifespan.

* JAN 8, 2016 - Incept date, Roy Batty.

* FEB 14, 2016 - Incept date, Pris.

* JUNE 12, 2016 - Incept date, Zhora.

* JAN, 2017 - Gaff hired by L.A.P.D.

* APR 10, 2017 - Incept date, Leon.

* MAY 26, 2017 - Incept date, Rachael.

* LATE 2017 - Over time, the NEXUS-4's and -5's have learned to vary their answers in order to get a more positive result on the Voight Scale. The success rate drops to just 37%. A new test is called for.

* JAN, 2018 - Dr. Lurie Kampff, a psychologist specializing in lying and lie detection, begins to expand on the late Dr. Voight's work, incorporating his most advanced lie detection equipment.

* JUNE-NOV, 2018 - The 'Voight-Kampff Altered Empathy Scale For Identifying Artificial Intelligence' is secretly tested in New York, Beijing, Paris and Tokyo with an astonishing 98% success rate, even with N-5's who can pass on the Voight Scale.


* FEB, 2019 - The new Voight-Kampff test is put into use and regulated tightly by the U.N., who only issue the device to major cities. Blade Runners must receive training and certification before they can administer the test. In the L.A. area, only Bryant, Holden, Deckard, and three others are licensed to use the new Voight-Kampff machine.

* EARLY 2019 - Rumours begin to reach Earth about 'new' model Replicant in the off-world colonies.

* MAY, 2019 - Rick Deckard quits L.A.P.D. Blade Runners.

* JUNE, 2019 - Gaff becomes Blade Runner.

* OCT, 2019 - Six Replicants led by Roy Batty hijack a shuttle and return to Earth. Tyrell Corp. is forced to reveal * the existence of the NEXUS-6 Replicants and open it's files to the U.N.

* NOV, 2019 - Blade Runner, the movie.

--2020s-- in 2024 , A group of Colonists leave the Earth. they eventually reach a Planet and start a Off-world Colony This colony is Called Arcadia 234. Reference taken from Back story of Soldier which is a film that takes place in the same Fictional Universe.

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