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Wallace Corporation is the second and most recent manufacturer of the Nexus line of replicants, the successor to Tyrell Corporation, the manufacturer of the original Nexus replicants. Wallace Corporation acquired the remnants of Tyrell Corporation, giving it control of the replicant technology and the business records of Tyrell.


Tyrell Corporation was effectively disbanded following an uprising of replicants, culminating in the Blackout of 2022. A period of prohibition followed until sometime after 2036, when the founder of Wallace Corporation, Niander Wallace, was able to convince the government that advances in the control of replicants, coupled with an existential need to colonize new worlds, made the reintroduction of replicants both safe and necessary.

Wallace's previous achievments in synthetic farming, following the collapse of ecosystems in the 2020's, gave him both the wealth and political pull across the globe to acquire the remainings of the bankrupt Tyrell Corporation and repeal the Replicant prohibition in 2036, respectively.

That same year (2036), Wallace reintroduces a new line of "perfected" Replicants - the Nexus-9.

It is important to establish that Wallace pioneered advancements in genetically modified food, and his accomplishments in synthetic farming, followed by the gratuitous sharing of his patents of the technology in the year 2025, averted the famine that threatened life on planet Earth and ended the global crisis, thus been considered a philantropist and a benevolent savior by most if not all.

By 2049, Wallace Corporation had successfully reintroduced millions of replicants into production, but was still unable to satisfy the need for billions of replicants to facilitate rapid colonization of new planets. Niander Wallace's focus, therefore, turned to the lost technology/phenomenon of biologically-reproducing replicants (i.e. through pregnancy).